Monday 25th April 2011

There's a new item available in my sales area! A set of four portraits of the four US Presidential assassins: John Wilkes Booth, Charles Guiteau, Leon Czolgosz and Lee Harvey Oswald. A perfect item or gift for the fan of American history!


If you are interested, as ever, please drop me an email.


Incidentally, I'm still open to commissions for personalised avatars (see below)

Monday 4th April 2011

Like the majority of everything which now happens in the entire world, Twitter forms the basis of much of what is about to follow. But, to cut a long story short, I've started doing personalised cartoon portrait avatars for use on all sites which have avatars on them.

I've done a few FREE O' CHARGE so far for my friends. If I were nice and the world were just, I'd do one for everyone on earth and be done with it. However, things aren't that simple and that's the end of that. So, here's the business proposition...



£10 gets you a 256 x 256 pixel avatar. 


£25 gets you a 256 x 256 or 512 x 512 pixel avatar, plus the original artwork on 12 x 12 cm 220gsm cartridge paper.

I'm assuming that most people will want a cartoon portrait, however, I'm open to drawing absolutely anything as an avatar as long as its not obscene, illegal or liable to incite religious hatred (and NB, I'll be the judge of what those are).

If you are interested, you can either email me using that link or get in touch with me on Twitter (@dotmund).

Tuesday 1st February 2011

My output of pictures so far this year has been pretty much a raging torrent. However, its one which could well dry up if I don't manage to sell some of them!


I've added five pictures to the pictures for sale gallery. Please have a look and see if there's anything which might tickle your fancy.


If you want to buy any of these pictures, or are interested in a specially commissioned piece instead, please email me. I am very nice.

Thursday 27th January 2011

The new year has seen me getting back into painting pictures, thanks in no small part to inspiration from Richard Tingley. Check out his website and then peruse my gallery for the new additions.

Christmas orders! Thursday December 2nd 2010

December is upon us and without wishing to blow my own trumpet too hard, my pictures are always a unique and exciting Christmas gift idea.  Please check out my gallery of pictures for sale to see if anything takes your fancy. 


I am also open to specifically commissioned work up until December 18th, which is the Christmas postal deadline.  Prices start at just £30 for A5-size, with discounts negotiable for bulk buyers!  Email me if you are interested!

Monday 6th September 2010

Today's new gallery image is brought to you by Yoshimi, my friends' cat.  Of course, it's not just my friends' pets that I can draw, I can draw all kinds of pets!  If you would like me to do this, all you have to do is toddle over to the sidebar where you will find links to the Commissions and Contact bits and tell me all about it!

Thursday 22nd July 2010

A bundle of new pictures added to the gallery today.  This includes the highlights of my World Cup output for Twohundredpercent as well as a picture of Andrew Collins' Secret Dancing show.  The latter was mentioned on the latest (number 120) Collings and Herrin podcast, which was a bit like being talked about in Parliament.

Wednesday 23rd June 2010

My Bayeux Tapestry-inspired match report on the South Africa v France game for Twohundredpercent has been proving popular: you may also have seen in on The Daily Telegraph's website and also on


The original artwork is for sale!  The piece is 104 x 1480 mm long on five pieces of 104 x 296 mm white card, held together (currently) with masking tape on the reverse.  The medium used was pen and ink and watercolour.  The price, inclusive of postage and packing (within the UK), is £100.


If you are interested, please email me or use the Contact link in the sidebar.

Friday 28th May 2010

New Amazing Product!  Published today, Send Them Victorious: England's Path to Glory 2006-2010 by David Stubbs, and featuring some illustrations by me.  A collection of David Stubbs' excellent satirical football writing, all bound up into the shape of a book and available from booksellers!


Such as Amazon!

Wednesday 12th May 2010

Two new pictures in the gallery today, portraits of two England cricket greats: W.G. Grace at Lord's and J.C. Laker at Old Trafford.

Friday 30th April 2010

Today, I answer a question often asked by students of British politics.  What happens if the leaders of the three main parties all poll the same number of votes?  The answer is this: they assimilate into one, fire-breathing MECHA LEADER and we invade France. 


I hope this helps.

Tuesday 27th April 2010

Three new pictures for the gallery today, all with a World Cup 2010 theme.  There are two sets of World Cup players from groups C and D, along with an animal-themed chart featuring the national animals of the 32 competitors and a wildebeest map.


The animal chart is also for sale.  Check out the Current artwork for sale section for details.

Thursday 11th March 2010

I'm very excited about the start of the 2010 Formula 1 season on Sunday (as you can probably tell from here), so I've drawn two of the drivers and put them in the gallery.

Friday 5th March 2010

A new picture in the picture gallery.  A portrait of the current cast of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, a programme which, despite my addiction to it, I could stop watching any time I choose.

Thursday 25th February 2010 (p.m.)

Thursday is Mungo day over at online football cathedral Twohundredpercent and, if I do say so myself, today's is a particularly good episode. 


All but one of the original Mungo artworks are still available to buy, incidentally.  As ever, interested parties can contact me via the site or by email.

Thursday 25th February 2010 (a.m.)

Oh, hello there, reader.  General busywork to report, including a new favicon in the address bar (although not for Internet Explorer users, seemingly) and the beginnings of a Links section in the sidebar.  As you may see, it is spectacularly disordered at the moment, so if I've managed to forget you when I really shouldn't have, feel free to shout at me via Contact in the sidebar or by email.